Minimalism Resources

Here are some of my favourite blogs about living a minimalist and simple lifestyle. Follow them for great advice and inspiration!

Becoming Minimalist 

Little Bits of Granola

Simply Clearly

Simple Living

Happy Simple Living

Live Simply

Embracing Simple

Bringing Back Simplicity

Setting My Intention

Zen Habits 

Be More With Less

Miss Minimalist 

The Minimalists 

Everyday Minimalist

Minimal Student

Minimalist Mom

Sell All Your Stuff

Into Mind

Slow Your Home

Midway Simplicity

Minimalist Baker

Minimal Millennial

Simplifying at Home

Minimalist Living

Two Less Things

Simple and Minimal 

The Manic Minimalist

Exploring Alternatives

The Simplicity Journey

Minimalist Mom

Miss Simple Living

Minimalism Mission

One Empty Shelf

Break The Twitch

The Blissful Mind

Simplicity Relished

Simply Fiercely


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