Book Review: “This is Mexico” by Carol Merchasin


I just finished reading the novel “This is Mexico” by Carol Merchasin. I absolutely loved it! It was funny, insightful and informative.

If you have traveled to Mexico, you will undoubtedly be able to relate to the author’s stories about cultural experiences and encounters.

In the novel, Carol Merchasin shares the realities and experiences of leaving her life in the United States and living in Mexico while learning the intricacies of the culture. The metaphors and similes that the author uses to compare the two different places (United States and Mexico) and their cultures are witty and hilarious. She discusses topics like poverty, language, healthcare, festivals, fiestas, the meaning and importance of family and community and more, and she accurately captures the little things about Mexican culture that are often difficult to pick up on and recognize, let alone understand.

This book provides an insightful and humorous glimpse into the lives of Mexicans and their culture, through the author’s funny, well-written and touching stories. I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion, because the author portrayed my experiences with the culture so perfectly!

This book challenged my preconceived and sometimes inaccurate assumptions about Mexican culture and the lives of the locals. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories the author told; exposing the realities and truth of Mexican life and culture. The author did not criticize or judge the Mexican culture but rather informed her readers how it is different than Western culture, but not necessarily better or worse. Just different. I gained a greater understanding of the culture and a more open-minded and non-judgmental perspective. This book will tell you about the “real” and authentic Mexico, the side of this beautiful country that not many tourists get to experience. You will learn about the people, culture, traditions, and food.

I learned a lot of helpful tips from Carol’s stories, that I can hopefully apply to my next trip to Mexico. One of them being, you need to ask specific questions if you want to get a correct answer, because Mexicans will not freely offer up the specifics and they definitely don’t want to tell you negative news!

This is a must-read for anyone who has either been to Mexico and/or is fascinated by the Mexican culture and wants to learn more about authentic Mexico. It is an eye-opening look into the realities of Mexico and the culture.

I highly recommend this novel!


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