Mexico Booked! 

I have booked my flights to Cancun, Mexico to explore more of the Yucatan Peninsula! I will be leaving on November 12 and returning November 29 and I am beyond excited! This will be my third time to Mexico this year. How can you tell I love the country?! I love everything about it… The culture, the food, the colonial and colourful architecture, the people, the ruins, the cenotes, the jungles and much more. I will be backpacking solo for my second time in Mexico. 

You have probably heard people saying that you should visit other countries and expand your wings before returning to a country you’ve been to again. I tend to do the opposite of what society or other people think I “should” be doing. I am in love with Mexico and I look forward to returning again and will continue to visit in the future. 

So why am I going back? I like to take small steps when exploring outside of my comfort zone, instead of huge ones. My first big step was in May, when I traveled to Mexico solo for my first time. I started in a city (Playa del Carmen) where I have been previously with family, because it was familiar to me. I then branched out and visited Tulum and Valladolid, which were new places for me. My next step out of my comfort zone will be in November. I plan to visit Tulum and Valladolid again, but will also visit Merida, the Ruta Puuc and Campeche. For the next step in my travel journey, I am planning on visiting Guatemala, which is an even bigger step for me! Another reason why I’m going back to Mexico is because I like to travel slowly and explore a country more in depth before moving on. I also like visiting Mexico because it is super cheap to fly direct there from Winnipeg (usually less than $700) which is a huge bonus! 

Let the planning and research begin! 


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