Day 7 in San Francisco – Coming home from San Francisco 

I flew back home to Winnipeg early yesterday morning and I had such an amazing 6 days in San Francisco! I definitely left a portion of my heart there, and I look forward to returning soon. One of the best parts of my travels, was discovering off the beaten path and lesser known places, houses and neighbourhoods (hidden gems like Buena Vista Park and the Mosaic Stairs) after spontaneous decisions while wandering around new neighbourhoods. I also loved meeting some of the locals; The man named Tony and his dog Waffles in Balmy Alley, Mercedes in Clarion Alley, the host Gina at my Airbnb apartment and the various fishermen along Crissy Field.

I learned while traveling in San Francisco, that it is always best to visit the big attractions as early as possible (cable cars, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street and Alcatraz) in order to beat the crowds and line-ups. This is my biggest recommendation to anyone coming to San Francisco! Go early (like 6 AM kind of early)!

Coming home after traveling is always hard. It’s something I love so much… Seeing new places and being in awe of their beauty, meeting and connecting with locals, living in the moment, finding hidden gems and the adventure in navigating a new country and language. Travel makes me feel fully alive and it awakens my senses, where I am taking everything in; sights, sounds, smells, and more. I have been realizing and feeling like I am at a point in my life where I am torn between which direction my life should go. I am not passionate about my career but I don’t know what kind of job I would want or would be good at. I would love to find something that allows me the freedom to have more time off for travel (even if it is unpaid time off). I know what my interests and passions are, but they aren’t things that could become jobs. I’m hoping that evaluating my life and doing some reflecting will help me get gain clarity about where I want my life to go and am able to make a decision.

I will definitely be back to California soon and I look forward to exploring more of San Francisco’s hidden gems next time!

Here are some photos from my flight from San Francisco to Vancouver and then Vancouver to Winnipeg.



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