When I first booked my flights to Cancun almost a month ago now, the feeling was something I had never experienced before. It was exhilarating, scary and exciting all at the same time. I remember my heart racing and thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I’m actually/finally doing this!” 

Ever since booking my flight, I have been doing extensive research about my destination, safety tips and tips on how to get from one place to another and things I want to see and do while I am there. When I think about myself backpacking alone in Mexico, it conjures up mixed emotions sometimes. Some days I feel excited and confident in myself that I can do it, while other days, I feel scared and uneasy about how my trip will go and how I will handle various potential situations on my own. I know these feelings are normal. I reassure myself and family/friends that I will be fine and that my destination is one of the safest regions of Mexico (and in the world as well). But even as I outwardly maintain confidence in myself, I still have feelings of fear and doubt inside as well. I know that once I get off the plane and step into Mexico, it will hit me that I am truly on my own and these feelings will likely come crashing back all at once. But I am so excited to embrace my emotions, to challenge and confront my fears and ultimately overcome them while learning new things about myself in the process. 


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