As of February 11th, I have officially booked my flights to Cancun, Mexico, leaving on May 21st and returning on June 1st. I recently became a Frequent Flyer member of all of the most popular worldwide airlines and on February 11th, I received an email from WestJet regarding a one day sale of 20% flights to anywhere they fly to! I took it as a sign and booked my flight that evening. It would have regularly costed $697 but I only paid $585, which is pretty cheap for a flight! I’m happy that I found out about this deal. It pays (literally) to be a frequent flyer member. I recommend signing up as you will get exclusive deals not available to the public!

I am super excited but also nervous, as this will be my first solo backpacking trip abroad! I am excited to see what I will learn about myself and the Mayan culture and lessons from other people.

I also bought my backpack yesterday at Mountain Equipment Co-op. It is the Gregory Cairn 58 Litre pack. I am going to test it out and do some trial packing runs before I leave and may even exchange it for a 48 Litre if I feel the 58 is too much space.

I have already done lots of research about things I want to see, transportation options, female safety, restaurants and hostels and more. I have come up with a more detailed budget for my trip as well as started working on my preparation to-do list and packing lists.

I still need to buy insurance and see what my work insurance covers for medical emergencies. I also need to come up with a three month Spanish learning plan, as the locals in Valladolid and area do not speak much English.

After I purchased my flights, I experienced feelings of doubt and fear and excitement. I thought to myself, “what am I doing? I can’t believe I am actually doing this!” My fears were likely influenced by the media and how they tend to over exaggerate violence in Mexico and generalize it to all areas, when in fact, it is isolated to only a few regions. I realized that my fears were not founded in any solid evidence. The media has led us to believe, as a population, that the world is a dangerous place, especially for a solo female traveling alone. However, I believe that if you consider the worst case scenarios, do your research and prepare as best you can for them and take safety precautions, you are putting the odds in your favour.

Looking forward to the journey that lies ahead!


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