Day Seven

Day seven/reflection

Today was my last full day in Mexico. It started out with a breakfast of chilaquiles, fruit and cheese and eggs, as usual. My mom and I then went for a bike ride to the city of Playa del Carmen and explored some new streets and areas, farther away from the touristy 5th Avenue. It was really cool to see the brightly painted buildings and walls, unique gates and fences, hotels, little hole in the wall restaurants and markets and handicraft shops and locals everywhere. We passed by many hostels which were always painted pink, green or other bright colours. You could also hear roosters making a racket as you biked down these streets. We went as far west as 25th Avenue and as far north as Constituyentes. It was so much fun!

We then sat by the relax pool and read while sun tanning. After lunch, we went for a longer bike ride around the entire loop of Playacar and then went back to the city for some more street biking. We explored down some new streets and had a lot of fun (and some close calls of almost colliding with taxis!)

We went for our last a la carte at Hacienda Don Diego, a Mexican restaurant at the resort. It was delicious!

Tomorrow, we are leaving early in the morning to head to the airport and then flying home. I am sad to leave this gorgeous country, but look forward to next time!

My favourite parts of traveling are cultural experiences and exploring new cities. This trip has been filled with amazing experiences from both categories.

I have learned that everything works out in the end and not to let fear of the unknown and the worst case scenario hold you back from doing something or taking a risk. Prior to going to Coba, I was a little nervous about taking the public transpiration and in exploring new areas of the city, but by the end of the trip, I had explored Coba on my own, figured out how to use the Mexican public transportation system, tried authentic Mexican food at a local restaurant and explored and biked down busy streets in Playa del Carmen. By getting past the fear and taking small risks, I gained confidence in my ability to do and figure things out on my own and it proved to be a meaningful experience. When we were waiting for the bus back to Playa del Carmen from Coba, it was 3:00 pm and the bus had not arrived yet and was scheduled to leave at 3:10 pm. I had feared the worst case scenario (the bus not coming and having to find another way home). But the bus came shortly thereafter and all was well. Even if we did miss the bus, we would have just taken a taxi back, so the worst case scenario wasn’t really that bad when you actually thought about it.

What I love about travel is leaving behind my routine and responsibilities at home and taking on a new routine in a new place. There are some routines that I developed in Mexico, I would like to continue in Canada. For example, I went to sleep at 9 pm, finished reading almost two books in a week, spending lots of time with family and being disconnected from my phone for long periods of time. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity and the means to travel to new places and experience new things. My eyes were really opened this week while driving through the small Mayan villages on the road to Coba. They live off the land and with so little, yet they are so cheerful and hard working. They have no technology or modern conveniences or electricity.
It has taught me not to complain about the trivial things in my life and not to take anything for granted.

My favourite parts of this trip included biking every morning through the city and going to Coba.

Travel is so educational, which is why I love it. It’s all about learning. You learn about yourself (learning your fears and how to overcome them, learn self reliance, independence and confidence in yourself to handle a variety of situations), learn about other people, places, cuisine, customs, cultures and languages.

This has been a wonderful seven days! I can’t wait to return and have already started planning for next time.


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