Day Five

I woke up early and had a nice breakfast of chilaquiles and fresh fruit and cheese before heading out for a bike ride in the residential area of Playacar. First though, a sunrise walk on the beach was necessary. The sunrise was stunning! Then, my mom and I went for a lovely 45 minute bike ride using the free bike rentals from our resort, in the community. We went down some side streets and looked at the beautiful Mexican mansions. Each house was so unique in size, colour and design.

For the remainder of the day, I sat beside the relax adult pool at the resort. I forgot to put sunscreen on and definitely got a little red! I read my book called The Art of Nonconformity. It is a really inspiring book and is about doing what you want to do and not caring what other people think about your choices. I also went shopping in the little market across the street from our resort.

For tonight, we are planning to eat dinner at Portofino, an a la carte at the resort and then head to sleep early as usual! Looking forward to another day of relaxing and trying some new foods at the restaurant Bio Natural in PDC tomorrow.


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