Day Tres

I started out the day with a nice bike ride with my mom in the Playacar community. It was beautiful! We took a walk through some Mayan ruins in the jungle along the road which were really interesting. The bikes were really hard to drive as the brakes were used by pedalling backwards instead of on the handlebars. It was a lot of fun though! The houses and rental vacation properties along the street were beautiful.

We relaxed by the adult pool and read for most of the afternoon. I ate lots of tropical fruits for breakfast and rice and bean salad for lunch.

In the late afternoon, my mom and I took a taxi to a well known smoothie place called El Nativo. We each had a fresh fruit juice which was delicious! We people watched as we drank the juice. We observed that the Mexicans riding pedal bikes often had someone (adult or child) standing on the back wheel spokes and holding on to the shoulders of the person driving the bike. It looked very dangerous! After drinking our juice, we went for a stroll in the MEGA super market across the street. We looked around at the fruit and vegetable section and noticed that they had so many fruits and veggies and the sizes of them were enormous! As we were leaving the market, we noticed that two young Mexican males were following us. We walked a bit faster and glanced behind us as we walked. They were still following us as we left the store but we didn’t see them again upon leaving the market. It was a little bit unnerving and I could definitely feel my sixth sense kicking in. After the supermarket, we went across the street to an organic fruit and vegetable market called DAC Market. They had so many fruits and veggies, and also dry goods and eggs. It was pretty cool to browse through as we were definitely the minority (skin colour and language). On the way back to our resort, we walked down 5th Avenue and I bought a purse and we stopped in at the ADO bus station and purchased bus tickets to the Coba ruins tomorrow.

We walked all the way back to our resort which took about 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen. We stopped at some more little Mayan ruins a long the way.

Upon arriving back at the resort, we went for dinner at an a la carte restaurant called Hacienda Don Diego. I had fish, tacos al pastor and fried bananas with ice cream and brandy. We also had chips with some spicy sauce, salsa and guacamole. It was delicious! The manager of the restaurant served tequila shots to my dad and I… Twice. They were large shot glasses and I could definitely feel the buzz after one of them, nevermind two. It was a very fun atmosphere and the food was delicious.

We are definitely the minority in our resort, in terms of the language we speak. It is so interesting to listen to other peoples’ conversations in another language and trying to figure out what they are saying. So far, we have only spoke to two other couples who speak English.

Tomorrow we plan to tour the Coba ruins! Looking forward to it!

Buenos noches!












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