Day Two

It was a beautiful day today and the weather was hot.

I woke up early and went for a relaxing walk along the beach before breakfast. It was beautiful and the sunrise reflecting on the water was amazing.

I spent the majority of the day relaxing by the pool and reading a new book I recently bought called “The Art of Non Conformity.” It is really insightful and interesting. Our lunch at the resort was great. I love the homemade chips and salsa and guacamole that they have.

In the late afternoon, I took a taxi from the resort to an authentic Mexican restaurant called “El Fogon,” which was at the corner of Calle 30 and Constituyentes Avenue in PDC. I had read about it on Trip Advisor and it was a place that had received thousands of positive reviews from travelers and locals. It was a hole in the wall type of place, with tables on the sidewalk and no walls; just wide open to the street. The meat was cooked in the wide open, right in front of you in the restaurant. It was extremely hot! We sat at a table and received menus. The menus were all in Spanish and the servers didn’t speak English very well so it was difficult to know what you were ordering. I ordered tacos con chorizo and queso, which was tacos with cheese and some type of meat (I am still not sure what chorizo is) and a freshly made strawberry juice. Both were absolutely delicious! We were given bowls of homemade pico de gallo salsa and guacamole prior to receiving our meal. I thought it would be a good idea to add these to my taco, so I scooped a generous amount of each on my taco. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how many spices and peppers Mexicans add to their sauces but my taste buds knew right away! Within minutes, my mouth was on fire! It was definitely an unexpected surprise. After eating, we walked from the restaurant to Quinta Avenida where most of the touristy shops and restaurants are. I loved seeing the little shops, local restaurants and street food stalls all over the streets. So many beautiful colours in their products and all of places were so unique in their appearance! When we were walking towards Quinta Avenida, we took a back alley shortcut and passed by an apartment block completely covered in vines. It was pretty cool. We stopped in a natural food store that I had also read about on Trip Advisor called Bio Natural. It also had a restaurant attached which I plan to visit this week. The store had lots of organic and gluten free products and drinks which was cool to see. Quinta Avenida was busy and overwhelming as store owners and travel agents would stand on the street and yell at you to come into their place. There were so many stores and so much selection. We didn’t go in any of them, just kept walking. I much preferred the streets away from Quinta Avenida, as there was nobody to heckle you and try to force you to purchase their products. Along our walk, I counted about seven Sunglasses Hut stores. There is no shortage of sunglasses in Playa! We arrived back at our hotel and plan to eat supper and have a relaxing evening reading.

Tomorrow I plan to go for a bike ride around Playacar, visit an organic fruit market and well known smoothie restaurant in Playa del Carmen and spend time relaxing by the adult pool. We also have an a la carte restaurant booked at the resort tomorrow night for Mexican food, called Hacienda Don Diego. Looking forward to it!













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