Day One

It has been a long day of traveling (5 hours on the plane) but I am finally here in Mexico, sitting in the hot sun as I write this! The flight here was interesting… An elderly woman fainted right beside my seat in the aisle and required emergency medical care, but thankfully, she was alright. It made me realize how important our health is and how suddenly things can change. I appreciate my good health every day. Aside from some rough patches of turbulence and my personal bubble being constantly invaded by people waiting in line for the bathroom, the flight was good. There should be a rule on airplanes where each person can only take one bathroom break per flight… Just saying!

We arrived in Cancun around 11:15 am to sunny and 30 degree weather and took a small minivan with two other families to our resort, the Viva Wyndham Maya (our third time staying here) in Playacar.

On the way to our resort, I was constantly comparing our culture to Mexican culture. Mexican drivers disregard road rules and signs constantly! The rules, stop signs and speed limits seem more of a discretionary guideline that a strict rule that actually gets enforced. It was quite comical to watch our driver speed by stop sign after stop sign, going 20 kms above the speed limit, without even glancing at the sign, nevermind actually stopping. The speed limits on the highway were constantly changing too! From 100 to 40 back up to 80 kms within a short distance from each other. It was cool to see a pickup truck stacked full with bananas on the highway! I wanted to eat them all.

Upon arriving at the resort, I spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing in the sun and shopping at the little market across the street. I had a delicious lunch which included fresh pico de gallo salsa and guacamole with chips as well as lentils and rice and fresh pineapple! Yum! For supper, I had caprese salad, potato salad, corn enchiladas and fresh fruit for dessert. The taste of the food here is so fresh! It feels amazing to not have to cook for a whole week.

When driving along the highway to our resort today, we drove by numerous little shacks for houses that were falling apart. And that was along the touristy highway… I can only imagine what the poverty must look like more inland. It helped me realize the extent of the poverty that exists here and how prevalent it is and helped me to be more appreciative and grateful for the life I live in Canada. The Mexican natives work long hours at resorts and selling handicrafts among other professions in order to simply provide for their families and it just helped me to realize how grateful I am to be able to travel to new places and experience different cultures. I absolutely love being immersed in new cultures and figuring out the language. It is one of my favourite things about travel.

For the rest of the evening, I plan to relax and read.

Buenos noches amigos!

Don’t forget to take your money belt off when you pass through the metal detector at the Winnipeg airport… You will get thoroughly searched!

Time share people will pose as your representative at the airport. They always want to help with your bags. Just say “no gracias,” unless you are prepared to tip them.

Buenos noches de Mexico!












One thought on “Day One

  1. Joelle Newman says:

    This is great Brittany! I hope you have a great time! We are heading to Mexico this winter too! Can’t wait! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your amazing vacation.

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